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TETMI goes about realizing this vision through four basic arms of the ministry, viz:

Church Planting

Through our church planting efforts, we’ve been able to plant 36 churches among these animistic rural villagers.


Most of the inhabitants of these villages are not educated and this trickles down to even their own children and the entire village.

Social Development

The Poor ways of living and the environment exposes the inhabitants to much health hazards and hence various forms of sicknesses.


The ministry is headed by Board of Directors who are passionate to see that God is made known in areas where He is not known.

Support Our Projects

We are keen on changing the world and we can’t do it alone – ranging from child supports, missionary supports and other welfare activities.

TETMI History

TETMI was established and launched on September 5th, 1985 at Imo hotels in Owerri. This was after the founder, Late Rev. Dr. S.M.I. Umune in company of Rev. Jerry Swank, a missionary with the then Sudan Interior Mission undertook a survey trip of all the then Eastern States of Nigeria, for the purpose of locating unreached areas and to find out how far the gospel had taken root in these areas.

According to late Rev. Dr. Umune, at the end of the trip, Rev. Swank turned to him and asked him, “Sunday, who will take the gospel to these your people?”

From the President's Desk

Education is a key to a healthy future and the only insurance a child can have. Sponsor a child through education and basic needs today.

Act Today

”… Go ye into all the world to preach the gospel” This command from our Lord and Saviour will not be fulfilled if there are no missionaries. Sponsor a Missionary Today and let the gospel prosper through you.

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Our Testimonials

Through this training, I now know that I am not the owner of my life, Christ owns me, therefore I am under Him and whatever He ask me to do, that will I do as my Master. If Christ is the one governing me, I will make it in life and shall inherit everlasting life.

September 15, 2017

(Psalm 20:7)


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