From Tetmi High School

From Tetmi High School

An academic seminar was carried out for the TETMI High School students.  It was a great time devoted to help the students to see how everyone one of them have been created by God with equal features and abilities to help them excel academically without getting involved in an unholy act.

The seminar presenter, Mr. Daniel (a.k.a- Academic coach) who God has seen through successfully in his academic endeavors, was able to use his experience to drill the students on how, they too can be helped by God if they obey the rules governing academic success.

Some of the repented pupils in afollow-up class with Corper Christiana Uhuegbu

He made them to understand the basic foundation for success in life can only found in God and charged them to first give their lives to Jesus Christ. About 15 students committed their lives to Christ and are currently undergoing a follow up/ discipleship class which will enable them grow in their faith .

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