Quarry Site Training, 2017

Quarry Site Training, 2017

The Quarry site Discipleship and Missions Training of TETMI was established as a result of the need to train and disciple young men and ladies who would take the gospel to other hinterlands in Ebonyi State. More so with the increase in the number of converts and the passion to rescue those who are still under cage by their obnoxious traditional practices.

This Quarry site is an excavation or pit, usually open to the air, from which buildingstone, slate, or the like, is obtained by cutting, blasting etc. On 20 – 24th February, 2017,  This training took place at TETMI HIGH SCHOOL Akaeze, Ebonyi state, where about 15 persons from different villages within Akaeze, Edda (both in Ebonyi State ) participated.

These people have different stories associated with their lives before they met Christ, how they met Christ and the new life they are experiencing now and their passion to see other people like them saved too. Lives ranging from Serious traditional cult involvement, to true and real idol initiation ceremonies as youths, masquerade participation and notorious lifestyle within their villages. But all met Christ in different unique ways, surrendered to Him and now desirous to be used by God to reach out to other youths of same lifestyle.
During the programme, they were exposed to  excavations from the Word of God, from which spiritual building stones were obtained by the pruning of the Holy Spirit, removing the excesses in their lives so that God will bring out a finished product that will glorify His Name.

The participants were exposed to teachings and practical spiritual exercise like Praying, Quiet time, Bible study, open air evangelism and Testimony sharing.It was a great time to revisit their salvation and its assurances, lead through trainings and studies that showed them again who they are in Christ and what God has done for them through the CROSS and the new lifestyle expected of them as the REDEEMED of the Lord. It helped them to develop a consistent relationship and fellowship with God and with one another in the faith. It also enlighten them on their Mission to the World and their Ministry to the believers.

There were practical times of evangelism training using the testimonies of their lives and different evangelistic strategies. Then an outreach was carried out to help them demonstrate a practical evangelistic outing, which was result oriented. Great time of Prayers for rededication and commitment to God and His work was observed and also a devotion to remain focused on God’s purpose for their lives.

The resource persons were, Mr. Umune Uche, Missionary David Ogebe and Nurse Ugonma Okoro.

The next stage of the training comes up in July/August 2017. Keep praying and supporting this EXPERIENCE.

God bless you.

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