TETMI Test Runs Her Clinic

TETMI Test Runs Her Clinic

In December 9-13th 2016, THE RUTH SUMMERVILLE clinic Akaeze was test run for final supervision of the work done so far and the necessary things needed to be put in place by the management.  This was done through a 4 day free medical care by a medical Team led by Elder Dr. Chikwe Nkire  and the President of TETMI, Rev. Dr. David Umune.

Some medical volunteers, auxiliary staff were adopted into the team. This offered an opportunity for the management of TETMI to view the progress of the clinic and test it’s viability within the environment. There was a high turn out of the villages of Akaeze, Umobor, Ihenta and Iyioji, all in Ivo L.G.A of Ebonyi State.

From the first day, each morning began with prayers and  word of exaltation by Evangelist Iheanyi Nkire, who spoke the word to challenge the patients to look unto Christ for healing as nothing could be achieved by more medical personnel’s and medication if God is not involved. Also the medical Team do have their cooperate prayers and devotion to keep reminding themselves of the reason God brought them to the land. It was a session of singing of hymns, sharing the word, prayers and instructions from the Team leader, Dr. Chikwe Nkire.

During this exercise, some nurses who applied for employment were interviewed both orally and practically.About a total of 500 persons were attended to and several health cases were recorded by the medical Team.

Dr. Chikwe Nkire who is a consultant with Umezuruike Hospital Owerri and one of the board members of TETMI was satisfied and affirmed that the clinic was about 80% ready to kick off and was optimistic that before April 2017, the whole challenges would have been resolved and the clinic commissioned to become operational and open to the public.

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