DAY 1 Is a.60.1. Raise and shine for they light has come……

1. Thank God for remembering the Edda and Akaeze people to deliver them from the crutches of darkness that have held them bound all these years.

2. Pray that God will have mercy upon the land and show them His Salvation.

3. Pray that God will set them free from the mighty evil forces that have held them bound. The Almighty will take the prey out of the hand of the mighty.

4. Destroy all the alters of Egbela and Ogo in the land. Replace them with a higher alter established by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Let the old covenant be destroyed by the reason of the new convenant by the blood of Jesus Christ. Command the people to be dead to the old and alive to the new covenant that is in Christ.

5. Pray that the light of God will shine on them in their darkness, that they may see and move away from darkness. That they may turn away from serving the idols to serving the Living God.

6. Pray that Christ will reveal His Love to the Youths who are now in the evil forests and shrines undergoing various innitiation. That they may come out of the shrines having an encounter with the Holy Ghost.

7. Bless the name of the Lord for deliverance.

DAY 2ND ISAIAH 60:7a, All the flocks of Kedar shall minister unto there, the rams of Nebaioth shall minister unto thee: they shall minister unto thee: PRAYERS: Thank God that the gospel is becoming so strong in Edda and Akaeze so much that the powers of the cults are becoming reduced.

2. Pray for the Youths who are trying to resuscitate it’s power again that God will visit them in His own way and cause His Spirit to come upon them that they may see Jesus.

3. Let God set forth His revival upon the entire land as He did in the days of Elijah that they may know who truly is to be worshiped.

4. Pray for the believers in the lands that they may be strengthened in their faith. Pray for comfort of the Holy Ghost as some of them experience persecution during these festive periods.

5. Pray for boldness and utterance be given to the believers in the midst of the times to preach the Gospel of Christ to their own people.

6. Pray for the missionaries working amongst these people group, that God will give them the right wisdom to guide the believers on the right way to respond in this situation. Pray a strong indept study of God’s word which will help them to be rooted more in Christ.

DAY 3, ISAIAH 60:10 And the sons of strangers shall build up they walls and their kings shall minister unto thee: first in my wrath I smite thee but in my favour, have I had mercy on thee. God has brought TETMI to help build up the walls of Akaeze, Edda, OKPANKU AND the environs that today some kind of quality education is going on there with good medical care and church planting. All these are to draw them back to God and help them raise a new generation that fears God and worship only him.

PRAYER POINTS:  * Thank God for the ministry of TETMI in these lands and pray that God will continue to use it to bring more of his light into the villages. Pray for God’s strength upon the staff and board of TETMI that God will encourage them in their labour of love amongst the people of Akaeze, Edda and OKPANKU environs.

* Pray that God will raise more godly men and women, churches even government and agencies to partner with TETMI in this great venture. Pray for the provision of more resources by God through His people unto TETMI so as to fulfil God’s mandate on them over the lands. . Pray that God will open door/gates which will not be shut for TETMI and grant her wisdom as she advances the gospel of Jesus Christ to areas of Great need. Pray for more labourers to be released from heaven to TETMI, so as to be more fruitful in finishing the task before them. . The land where the TETMI HIGH SCHOOL and RUTH SOMMERVILE CLINIC is located used to be an evil forests in Akaezeukwu. One of the Ogo cult innitiation site is located beside it. It was given to TETMI as a desolate place, but today it has become an asset. TETMI has faced a lot of spiritual battles in that piece of land and God gave them victory. This day, the RUTH SOMMERVILE CLINIC is experiencing some challenges too due to the forces working against her in that location. Therefore;

* Begin to sanctify the environment of RUTH SOMMERVILE CLINIC and TETMI HIGH SCHOOL and ask God to drive away the evil forces that are working against the development of these institutions. Present the staff of the institutions before God for His divine protections. * Uproot every evil tree planted within the premises and destroy every alter that have existed in the environment and raise godly alters in the land. Let the wall of defence created by the enemy be destroyed.

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