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Workers Retreat 2016

Every year TETMI Missionaries gather together for a retreat. It is usually a time to xray everyone’s work within the year, see where mistakes were made and corrections effected. The missionaries with their wives are challenged through some talks and seminars and workshops in relation to their work and their families.  Many Professionals from different areas of life who are mission minded and Christians are used by God to equip these missionaries and make them ready for the next [...]

TETMI Test Runs Her Clinic

In December 9-13th 2016, THE RUTH SUMMERVILLE clinic Akaeze was test run for final supervision of the work done so far and the necessary things needed to be put in place by the management.  This was done through a 4 day free medical care by a medical Team led by Elder Dr. Chikwe Nkire  and the President of TETMI, Rev. Dr. David Umune. Some medical volunteers, auxiliary staff were adopted into the team. This offered an opportunity for the management of [...]

Vocational Bible School

The summer holiday witnessed a children camp in the village of Akaeze, Ivo local government area of Ebonyi state. The camp which was planned for 250 children ended up having over 400 children from different villages within Akaeze and Edda and Okpanku axis. There was also some children who came from Owerri to participate. It was a great moment as the wife of TETMI President, Mrs. Chinyere Umune leads this great number of kids into the presence of God to [...]

From Tetmi High School

An academic seminar was carried out for the TETMI High School students.  It was a great time devoted to help the students to see how everyone one of them have been created by God with equal features and abilities to help them excel academically without getting involved in an unholy act. The seminar presenter, Mr. Daniel (a.k.a- Academic coach) who God has seen through successfully in his academic endeavors, was able to use his experience to drill the students on [...]

Challenges Of The Ogo Festival In The Villages Of Akaeze And Edda Communities

Every year from September to December the villages within Akaeze (5 villages) and Edda (72 villages), observe the Ogo festival. During this periods Youths are subjected to their initiation ceremonies, where they are given to strange dressings, make ups and chanting of various initiation songs. By night they are involved in the loud chanting of the songs in order to invoke the gods of the land to be with them and spiritually fill them with their spirits    During this [...]