Our History

TETMI Arms includes
  • Church Planting.
  • Education.
  • Social Development.
  • Administration.


TETMI- The Evangelisers Team Ministries Intl’ Inc., exists to reach the unreached, least- reached, least resourced and Rural Communities with the Gospel message in a holistic Man.


TETMI reaches the unreached, least reached, least resourced and Rural Communities with the Gospel message in a holistic manner through, Education, Church planting, free medical outreach, and provision of water.

TETMI History

TETMI was established and launched on September 5th, 1985 at Imo hotels in Owerri. This was after the founder, Late Rev. Dr. S.M.I. Umune in company of Rev. Jerry Swank, a missionary with the then Sudan Interior Mission undertook a survey trip of all the then Eastern States of Nigeria, for the purpose of locating unreached areas and to find out how far the gospel had taken root in these areas.

According to late Rev. Dr. Umune, at the end of the trip, Rev. Swank turned to him and asked him, “Sunday, who will take the gospel to these your people?”. This question burdened Rev. Dr. Umune more than before, especially on seeing the Spiritual condition of these people.

Then as the Coordinator of Evangelical Missionary Society (EMS) of ECWA for the whole South/Eastern States, he worked diligently and tirelessly, to ensure that the gospel did spread in these regions.

He, of course was limited by financial resources available to him from the church leadership. Also the leadership did not see the need he saw, so he struggled to reach these unreached.

It takes a man or woman in leadership of a church with a heart for missions, to really move the church towards this divine mandate and give it the desired attension it needs, while not forgetting other responsibilities of the established church, Rev. Dr. Umune found balancing these two areas of burden difficult and agonized about it many times. His heart was for rural Missions and with his own people. After several discussions, he voluntarily retired from the Ministry in 1985 and founded this ministry, The Evangelisers Team Ministries International (TETMI).

The mandate of TETMI is to reach the Unreached rural populace with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This mandate she hopes to achieve by employing and deploying our resources into different approaches which include; Evangelism and Church Planting, Education; Administration; Community Development; and Media Evangelism and Farming.

Currently TETMI  is working amongst the Edda and Akaeze people of Ebonyi State, Okpanku people of Enugu state, Boki & Bateriko People of Cross rivers state and Abenga/Mbgaga people of Benue State.