Our Services

TETMI goes about realizing this vision through four basic arms of the ministry, viz:

Church Planting

Through our church planting efforts, we’ve been able to plant 28 churches among some animistic rural villages. Many, who were worshipping Idols, ranging from snakes, crocodiles, sacred sheep, sacred stones, and fetish festivals are now turning to Christ and are being discipled through the church planting process.

Some of the disciple ones have developed passion and answered the call to be used by God to reach out to their own people and other rural villages. Some of the churches planted are still worshipping in tarched houses and need support to raise buildings for places of worship.

These have not been without persecutions from the leadership of the communities and husbands of converted women and parents of some converted youths. Thank God who in the midst of these, gives grace to overcome.

These have not been without persecutions from the leadership of the communities and husbands of converted women and parents of some converted youths. Thank God who in the midst of these, gives grace to overcome.


Most of the inhabitants of these villages are not educated and this trickles down to even their own children and the entire village. This opportunity gives us  a chance to introduce Christ to the pupils while giving them education, thereby raising a new generation that is enlightened and reduce idolatory and fetish beliefs but with fear of God.

TETMI established three nursery/primary schools with TETMI owned structures in three different villages namely:  Akaeze ukwu, Umobor , both in Ivo L.G.A and Ndi Obasi in Edda South L.G.A , all in Ebonyi State. TETMI has a total of  five hundred and seventy-one pupils, most of them are from very poor background.  The class ranges from Nursery one to Primary six but due to the poor understanding, the families in the communities have not imbibed the  culture of sending their wards to school, most of them use their wards as scare crow in their rice farms.

The nursery/Primary schools has a total of 38 teachers whose certificates ranges from school cert to N.C.E holders. Each of the schools have a head and with an overall supervisor  for the three schools. The poverty level of the people of the communities makes it very  difficult for most of the parents of these pupil  to make financial contribution towards the education of their wards. This was to aid in the maintenance of the school including salaries of the teachers and other staff of the school. But knowing the vision of the  ministry and God’s hand upon us, TETMI is compelled not to drive the pupil away but to seek for sponsorship of such ones by well meaning Individuals who are touched to partner with her in this life transforming venture.

An average pupil of these schools struggle with understanding the lessons in the classes due to the  strange things they are subjected to from birth. But as many over who were delivered from such practice because of the faith of their parents do experience excellence in understanding.

Our High school presents a  high quality education set up with the environment. With a total number of 300 students , TETMI high school is set to bread a new generation of intellectuals from the community and neighbouring ones. With well built structures, well equipped library, science laboratory, computer library, sports field and now a hostel facility, TETMI high school provides a good academic environment for  every Nigerian student.

She has a record of producing the best results in the recent  Junior Secondary School Certificate examination, Senior Secondary Certificate examination and National Examination council within the Ebonyi South Senatorial zone.

The school as a mission school is packed with spiritual activities that will draw the student to the knowledge of God and help them to lead a peaceful and quite life. With good moral instruction time, Scripture Union fellowship and a missionary attached to the school, the school gives the whole student the whole package needed in education and development of the total man.

Testimonies of the transformation of lives been experienced in the lives of the students. This offered unto us an opportunity to share the gospel in one of the villages that was resistant to the gospel at the beginning of our work  among them. We now run discipleship programme among the students and teachers to help them grow in their faith in the Lord.

TETMI  also runs a  Bible School known as Sunday Umune Missionary and Bible college (SUMBIC), which was established to meet the needs of the rural Missionary Pastor by equipping them with sound theological education. With well qualified lecturers, good academic environment and good library, she hope to raise work force for the mission work amongst the unreached rural villages in the country. The school which runs a modular programme, is headed by the Provost, and President of TETMI, Rev. Dr. David C. Umune.  The school offers both certificate and diploma programme in Theology and Missions.

Social Development

The Poor ways of living and the environment exposes the inhabitants to much health hazards and hence, various forms of sicknesses. Through our free medical care, many sick ones were treated and helped out of their unhealthy situations. This is also accompanied with the preaching of the gospel and prayers.

Due to the poor nature of the water available to most of the villagers, they face the risk of epidermic, (of infections related to poor water quality) in some of the villages, there is no near-by water source thus they walk long distance to get the available water for use whether clean or unclean. Because of this, we provide borehole to very critical villages and carryout a lot of repairs of damaged water source. This helps to reduce the rate at which the inhabitants get infected with water borne disease.

Knowing the mind of God that He will want everyone to be saved and want every Christian to become a co-worker with Christ, the Mobilisation department of the ministry gets involved in mobilizing Christians and churches unto becoming part of what God is doing with the ministry and what he is doing across the Globe. This she does through organising Missions Awareness programmes, producing quarterly prayer bulletins, yearly Newsletters, reaching out  one-to-one to concerned Christians and Churches to solicit for their partnership.


The ministry is headed by Board of Directors who are passionate to see that God is made known in areas where He is not known. They are reputable Christians from different denominations but same vision. They make policies that guide the ministry.

The Management Team sees to the day to day activities of the ministry. The head office of the ministry is not left out in putting to shape the working of the ministry and making the ministry work to be cooperatively carried out by the various arms. God uses the Administration to set in motion the plan of God for the ministry.